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Things You Need to Know About Amputation

For most people, the word amputation might sound scary. Even so, amputations performed in accordance with indications of medical procedures actually have a good goal for health, can even save lives. Amputation is an operation in the form of removal or cutting of limbs, such as arms, legs, hands, toes, or fingers. Depending on the indications, amputation can be performed as a planned operation or an emergency measure. Indications for Amputation There are several reasons why amputation needs to be done, including: Severe infections of limbs that do not improve with antibiotics. Impaired blood circulation that causes tissue death (gangrene) in limbs, for example in patients with peripheral arterial disease or diabetes. Severe injuries to limbs, such as from traffic accidents, work accidents, or explosions. Malignant tumors or cancer of limbs. Birth defects that result in impaired shape and function of limbs. The various reasons above can cause interference with the function a
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Mother and Father, Prevent Children from the Danger of Drugs in this Way

The rise of news about drug use makes many parents feel worried. To prevent children from falling into the dangers of drugs, it requires the participation of all parties, especially parents. Come, Mother and Father, know how to protect children from the bondage of drugs! Drug use (narcotics and illegal drugs) can bring many bad effects for children, ranging from an increased risk of heart disease, damage to organs, such as the liver and kidneys, even schizophrenia. In addition, if left unchecked, drugs will also damage various aspects of a child's life, including interest in learning and schooling. Various Ways to Prevent Children from Avoiding Drugs Ideally, providing education to children about the dangers of drugs can be done early, namely when children sit in elementary school. Sufficient knowledge of this can prevent children from falling into promiscuity and the dangers of drugs. Some ways that Mother and Father can do to give an introduction about drugs are: 1. Find t

Understanding the Health Side of Transgender

Transgender is not called a mental disorder if it does not cause depression to the inability to carry out daily activities. But physical health risks can still lurk. Gender refers to human reflection on itself, which is formed from the construction of social roles, activities, behavior, and the environment. Transgender people are those who feel that their gender identity does not match their gender at birth. For example, a transgender woman is born a male, but the person feels that she is a woman. Similar to transgender men, the person is born with a female sex but feels himself a man. Not Mental Disorders Transgender is generally not categorized as a mental disorder. But there are times when transgender people are more at risk of suffering from mental disorders due to conflicts within themselves about their gender identity, and also because of discrimination and social pressure. Transgender people can experience gender identity disorder / gender identity disorder (GID), if being